Design your own lip gloss :
event animation, branded promotionnal gift

Animation and creation!

Glossbar is a event animation service where each guest designs his or her own lip gloss.

Each gloss is custom-made, one at a time, and is branded to the event/client's logo.

This concept is usually used for corporate events, product/service launches, media cocktails, fundraisers, as well as for a variety of private events (weddings, bridal showers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs).

Glossbar travels anywhere in Quebec and Canada.


Branding :
Making your brand/event shine

Glossbar uses the power of cosmetics to glam-up your event.

Your logo is applied onto every lip gloss vial. The gloss becomes a powerful promotionnal tool, ideal for strong impact during and after your event.

Each lip gloss is actively designed by each guest, causing a strong attachement and a desire to share the experience.





Number of glosses and budget

You can offer as many glosses as you want to your guests.

The number of glosses available can be less, equal, or greater than the number of guests.

Don't forget men!
Many want the chance to make a personalised lip gloss for thier wife or daughter.

Talk to us about your event and we'll have appropriate suggestions.